Pros and Cons of a Having Separate Water Closet

There is a growing trend in creative home renovation and construction – installing a toilet in its own room or what is known as a water closet. There seems to be an increase in homeowners wanting to have a private water closet space. Some think it is an unnecessary addition to a home and just consumes extra space. Do you think it is essential for your home?

Privacy Is Important

Bathrooms are one of the most private spaces in houses. But couples or children still use the bathroom together. It is still common to share the area, but the toilet is something that will never be shared within the same time. Hence, people still need private space to do their toilet agenda. For this, a separate toilet in its own room seems to be logical.


Recent studies proved that the bathroom is one of the dirtiest sections of a house. This is because of the water particles unavoidably splashed around the area when taking a bath or doing some other agenda. These splashed particles carry germs that propagate on every nooks and cranny of the bathroom. This the reason why doctors recommend keeping toothbrushes outside the bathroom space where the toilet is located.

Water closet will help prevent this scenario because the toilet will be enclosed within the confined space. Plus, the area is small enough to maintain its cleanliness.

Space Consuming

Some architects argue that water closets do not, generally, take up as much space as people think. Limiting the space for a water closet may result in claustrophobic tendencies. Enlarging it, on the other hand, may result in a bathroom that feels a little cramped. Ultimately, it is the homeowners who are left to decide whether to make the space as big or as small as they please.

Do take note that guest bathrooms are not advised to be designed with water closets. It is unlikely that two people will use the room at a time. The design is suggested for the people living in the house.

Lighting Matters

If the water closet is not well designed, you can end up with a dark and secluded room. Installation of adequate lighting must be strictly observed since the door will be closed at most times.